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Rest Assured. We’re here to help.

We’re here. We’ll help. When you’re not covered by a group plan, we’ve got you covered.
Let us provide you the choices in quality medical and life insurance coverage and protection that are right for you and your family, so you can spend the time enjoying what’s important.  
Individual Major Medical and Dental Insurance.  Open enrollment is from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15.  Affordable Care Act Compliant Plan.
Short-term Major Medical and Dental Insurance. An alternative to ACA plans.  For all those individuals in good health looking for low premiums.  Does not cover pre-existing conditions. Available year round.
Critical illness, accident, disability coverage 
Life Insurance.  Term and Whole Life products.

Serving Wenatchee, Lake Chelan and Chelan and Douglas Counties


Nov 15 to Feb 15
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Contact me, I missed enrollment or I'm between plan. What are my options?

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